Is the Montessori Method right for your child?

Friendly Montessori environment helps to develop a child to his best and makes him happy.

Montessori Philosophy

Maria Montessori believed that children of the present are the world’s hope for the future. It was her belief that it is in the early years that children develop the social, emotional, physical and intellectual foundation on which they build the rest of their lives. The development of concentration, independence, self-discipline and a sense of order and responsibility are prerequisites for success in learning, as well as in becoming a citizen of the world. The Montessori approach is education for life-long love of learning.

Montessori principles

A basic idea in the Montessori education philosophy is that in order to develop physical, intellectual, and spiritual potential to the fullest, the child must have freedom: a freedom to be achieved through self-discipline, order, and clearly defined limits. We rely on Dr. Montessori’s insight that the only valid impulse to learning is the self-motivation of the child. 

We provide the proper environment and direction so that the children, at their own speed, according to their own capacities and in a relatively noncompetitive atmosphere, can develop and learn. We never put children at risk of failure until they have a reasonable chance of success, thus reinforcing the positive and joyful elements of education.

Multi age classroom

Dr. Maria Montessori advocated the multi age classroom as the younger children, who learn through imitation, can learn from the older students, who in turn benefit from this experience of learning compassion and caring for the younger ones. 

Benefits of Montessori class

In Montessori class, we begin with practical and social skills, not just academic. Keeping track of belongings, putting things away, dressing oneself, sharing an adult, sharing materials, respecting the limits of the community are some of the many aspects of total development, which are the initial benefits of the Montessori preschool class. These are the foundations for growing independence.The teacher is interested in the whole child’s ability to communicate and cooperate, and most importantly, the child’s willingness to accept and master new experiences.